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Standing on the Ledge of Eternity
April 14, 2011
This is His house, He has graciously put my life in it. Through His eyes I see, through His ears I hear, through His hands I do. His rays are my thoughts, like glitter on water. He comes to life through my Prana. Every breath starts from Him, ends in Him. I see Him in the gap between the breaths. Every thought starts from Him, ends in Him, awareness of Him between the thoughts. As my eyes retrieve, my ears silence, my thoughts merge into Him. My breath seizes into where? I stand on the ledge of eternity afraid of disappearing into the unknown timeless void, I remain on the brink. Or shall I merge into Him as before, taking the leap of faith that I Am Him? 

Nachiket and Yama 
April 18, 2011
It is absolutely amazing that the previous post I wrote, before I started listening to Katho Upanishad, was exactly the question that Nachiketa had for Yama. I was astounded to hear the 3rd question by Nachiketa to Yama, is there existence after the death of individuality.
As a meditater stands at the edge of infinity, there is a sense of the unknown infinite beyond, a fear of the unknown. The state of samadhi can't be known, therefore nothing can be recollected as to what that state was like, nor how long one was there, and if one goes into samadhi will one come back. The mind can't comprehend the concept that I can be infinite - how can I exist without a central reference point. In that existence where there is no "I", no thoughts, there is existence, intelligence, infinity, bliss.  It takes great courage to let go of the "I"ness, the reference point, the ego, and take the plunge into the unknown timeless infinite and destroy the ego. Like offering ahutis into the sacrificial fire.
In the havan, the kund is the body, the fire is consciousness. Into it are offered all the objects and mystically it is done 3 times to offer the 3 types of identity we have, perceiver, feeler, thinker, and also the physical, subtle and causal. Nachiketa is the fire into which the ego is offered and burnt up. He stands face to face with the principle of death who takes you to the other shore - the unknown shore - where Yama takes the soul. Therefore at the ledge, the gateway to infinitude, Nachiketa asks Yama what lies beyond tell me.

Unraveling the Secret of Yagna
April 30, 2011
(work in progress!)

I was looking for the key that opens the chamber of secrets on the 'Yagna' - and after much searching and inquiring I found the key!
On the treasure chamber door is written "Om Tat Sat"

I unlock the door and walk in. On a red velvet curtain there is something embroidered in gold:
"To Those Who Enter: The chamber exists only for 360 days and 360 nights! Reach the top or be consumed by fire! Many will come and Read, Few will Hear, and Only those pure of Heart shall ever reach the top!" 

I am determined and move on. This chamber is vertical with stairs going up Seven levels. It is suspended in  space and the walls are made of earth, wind, fire and water. I see a white light coming through the top of the chamber and then passing the crystal floor on the 7th level breaks up into blue, green and red, illuminating the lower levels. I find knowledge written on ancient leaves. I think these may be clues, I start reading.
On the first leaf I find inside is written:
       "You can purify your body by following a proper diet.
        Money is purified through charity.
        Actions are purified through seva.
        Mind is purified through pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.
        Emotions are purified through bhajans.
        Intellect is purified through knowledge." 
Thus is given the essence of the yagnas.

So many dusty leaves of sacred knowledge.  
I find leaves on the secret of the 12 types of Yagnas in the Gita, and the Nachiketa Yagna from the Kathopanishad.

     "BRAHMAN is the oblation; BRAHMAN is the offerings; by BRAHMAN is the oblation poured into the fire of BRAHMAN; BRAHMAN verily shall be reached by him who always sees BRAHMAN in all actions." 
     "See creation as fire of Yagna, so too the rain, the earth, man, and woman. The Vedas declare that man should also do Yagna for Brahman with Vedic knowledge, for devas with homa, for ancestors with shraddha, for humans with food, and for creation with bali."
     "May my body, breath, and mind be fit for Yagna. May the Kundalini fire purify and transform."

Embedded in the secret of the Yagna is the secret of the Mantra. The continuous up and down of the sounds "Sa" and "Ha" is making this chamber vibrate, it almost seems alive like a Being!

As I brush the dust off another leaf, a voice inside me whispers a sacred secret knowledge, it is telling me about the yagnas for the finite vs infinite, internal vs external, microcosm vs macrocosm, Apara (lower) vs Para (higher)!

When I pick up the next leaf the letters on it rise up and start burning, they pierce through my body, then my mind and reach the core of my heart. A voice in my heart reveals the secret of the levels of yagnas and the progression from the first to the final one! I see Nachiketa's footsteps here and follow...

As I climb to the next level I hear a voice, "The finite purifies, transforms, merges, unites into the infinite." A scribe on the wall reads, "Asatoma Sat Gamaya - Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya - Mrtyorma Amritam Gamaya."

Level after level, layer after layer I am unraveling the secret knowledge of the Yagnas! 

I keep climbing, still looking for the knowledge on the Yagnas for Karmas and Vasanas to do the Yagna for my Jiva. 
The 6th level has mirrors, in one I see my body in flames, in another I see myself inhaling and exhaling fire, and so on.
"I" can enter the 7th level through a burning door that opens only for a flash of a moment so "I" need to be aware! 

Behind the last leaf, up on the top 7th level in this secret treasure chamber I see a brilliant light - that of a thousand suns! The ancients wore this Sahasra crown on the top of their head - the Mayans wore it, the Egyptians wore it, the Zorastrians wore it, and the Vedics cognized it.

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